For Those of Us that Love to Eat

A couple of us on the island got to talking and we realized we had a lot of things in common – We are all PCVs in Jamaica, we enjoy cooking,  and more importantly, we love to eat. That’s how the PCJ-Cookshop was born. The purpose of this site was to create a place that people can share their amazing culinary creations or should we say their culinary adventure cooking in Jamaica.

There are some of us who love to create new dishes – this site is for you. There are some of us that have been cooking recipes for years that everyone loves.  There are some of us that like what we cook but feel like we need new inspiration and want to try other’s cooking – this site is for you.  You may not like to cook at all but just want to see what others are eating – we guess this site could be for you too.

What we need is your help. We need more content, but we want it related to cooking in Jamaica, using Jamaican ingredients. If you cook Italian, French, Japanese, etc… but use Jamaican ingredients, GREAT. If you are a RPCV from Jamaica and want to post something you made back at home that is Jamaican, AWESOME. But if you want to share recipes or posts that have nothing to do with Jamaica, well, then….

We just hope that you enjoy this site and if you are looking for where to start, go HERE.


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