Plantain Empanadas

Plantain Empanadas

Yield: 2
1 Ripe Plantain
Pinch of Salt
2 Tbsp. Refried Beans (Or experiment with filling)
Wax paper or plastic wrap

I love plantains so I wanted to try them in different recipes. I REALLY liked this one. Boiling the plantains is a MUST. I tried doing this while skipping that step and the mashed plantain wouldn’t hold. I eat a lot of beans so this was an easy filling, but you can try them with anything. Something salty is a nice contrast to the sweet. Try cheese,callaloo, minced up meat or leave it plain.


  1. Cut plantain into 4 equal parts (including skin). Bring pot of water and salt to boil. Add plantains and cook until soft (approx. 10 mins)


2.Peel plantain and mash.


3. Add half mash plantain onto wax paper/plastic wrap and spread into 4 inch circle (~1/4 inch thick) Add1 tbsp. beans and fold over. Seal edges.

Image Image

4.In shallow bowl combine sugar and cinnamon. Set aside.

5.Heat ½ inch oil in skillet and fry until browned.


6.Dredge in sugar/cinnamon



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