Homemade Pizza Dough

I’ll be the first to admit that when I first started making homemade pizza on the island I was using an easy, just add water, Betty Crocker package instant crust – and it worked out well. Michelle and I didn’t mind. Then one day I decided to try and make a homemade crust following Alton Brown’s recipe and method and wow! Didn’t realize we were missing out. It might take 2 days to make, but this recipe and crust is amazing, and worth it (granted you have an oven or a fire).

Ingredients (IN SPECIFIC ORDER):
2 Tbls – Sugar
1Tbl – Salt
1 Tbl – Olive oil
¾ cup warm water
1 cup of baking flour (or bread)
1 tsp of instant yeast (not rapid rise)
1 more cup of flour (2 total cups of flower in all)

Directions – Takes 2 days

Day 1
1. Combine all ingredients in order listed above
2. Bring together with wooden spoon
3. Once most of it comes together, place on clean lightly floured counter to knead
4. Knead hard for 10 minutes, add light flour as needed so dough isn’t too sticky
5. Let it rest for 5 minutes
6. Knead again for another 10 minutes
7. Create a ball by rolling the dough in a circle with hands.
8. Put ball of dough in a big, lightly greased (olive oil) bowl
9. Cover and refrigerate for overnight

Day 2
1. Take out of bowl and let dough rest on clean, lighlty floured counter for 15-20 minutes (to return to room temp.)
2. Start to flatten and press to make the pizza.
3. Flip a baking sheet upside down and lightly grease the surface with olive oil. Add a sprinkle of cornmeal if you’d like (optional)
4. Place dough on upside down pan and add ingredients
5. Cook on high heat 450 degrees till crust is lightly brown
6. Enjoy

These instructions might sound difficult, but if you watch this video you’ll see it’s pretty easy, I just suck at writing instructions.

All the ingredients can be found on island.  I made the toppings with tomato sauce, cooked calaloo, chicken, avacado, and of course, Anchor Cheese. Add whatever toppings you’d like. ENJOY.


4 thoughts on “Homemade Pizza Dough

    • Hey Steph. So I tried it with regular flour and it wasn’t that good. We buy/use baking flour that they sell in bulk at our local grocery store. The flavor and texture is better. Hope this helps. Let me know what you think.

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