Lionfish Ceviche


When my friend came to visit we bought some lionfish and I was planning on baking it with some herbs but then she suggested making ceviche the way her family does it. I was never successful making ceviche on my own so I was excited. For those who don’t know, ceviche is something like a seafood salad where the fish is cooked with citric acid (most likely lemon or lime juice).  These are the ingredients and measurements that we used but you can add, subtract and replace things to make it as you like.


2 lbs lionfish fillet (I got this done at Linnae’s site but I’m not sure if you can get other fishermen to do it)

4 small tomatoes

Half an onion

4 lemons (I found a tree) or several limes

Salt and pepper to taste


Fresh pepper (scotch bonnet would probably work but I used Cayenne from my yard)

*Deseed them so the heat won’t take over the flavor

Pepper sauce (I used Tapatio but Jamaican pepper sauce would work too)

Crunchy veggies

Guajes (*I will explain these later)


  1. Cut up tomatoes, onions, lionfish, pepper, veggies into small bite size bits Image Image
  2. Squeeze plenty of lemon/lime juice                                                                     Image
  3. Add salt and pepper
  4. Place in refrigerator and allow to “cook” for at least 30 minutes
  5. Eat with tortilla chips or water crackers and add a couple drops of pepper sauce to each bite

*These are edible pods from the acacia tree that can be found growing all over Jamaica, but most Jamaicans don’t even know that you can eat them and will look at you funny when you are collecting them. I promise they are edible, healthy and really good with lime and salt. They taste a little garlicky and nutty. Image


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