Crystal Cree’s Easy to Make Pizza

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From Crystal – 
So I’ve made this twice now.  Homemade pizza dough and cheese!  Kidding bout the cheese, but the dough is dope!
I only make a small size (think personal pan).  And my receipe is gonna be not specific. lol
Flour – 1-2 Cups (ish)
Baking Powder – a small splash
Salt – a pinch or two
Sugar – A hint (cuz I’m sweet n like sweet things) 😉 *this is optional*
Oil – 1 TBS (ish)
Water – As needed (bout 3/4cup?)
Preheat the oven at like 220 degrees celcius (420, whatever degrees F)
Mix all the dry ingredients together.  You can even add other spices, such as an Italian all spice, if you have it.  Then add in the water n oil.  Have some fun mixing up and kneading the crap outta the dough.
Roll out the dough in whatever shape you feel.  I’m sure, by now, we’ve all figured out what to use for a rolling pin; perhaps you even own one.  I use anything from an old (washed) Red Stripe bottle, to my hot sauce bottle.
To bake the dough, I have a cast iron skillet and use the lid.  Turn the lid upside-down, throw a lil oil on it, and allow it to preheat with the oven. After preheat, put your dough on the lid, and bake for bout 15-25mins (pending on how hot your oven is).  Oh and poke some holes in the dough with a fork (this should prevent air bubbles).
As that is baking, you can get your toppings ready!  I use cheap speg sauce.  Go wild with your toppings!  Cheese is expensive, but I love it.  I usually just buy the square cheese..teehee.. it works.  Sometimes, I treat myself to some real parmesan cheese or on special occasions I’ll get some Mozz.
Once your dough is finished (perhaps some golden-ness), take it out, still on lid/pan, and add the sauce, toppings, more sauce, cheese, all the goods! 🙂  Pop that sucker back in the oven til your cheese is melted (probs like another 15mins).
Take it out the oven, and FULLJOY! 🙂
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