Got Powdered Milk?

DSCN3663Yes, you read that title right, this is a recipe on how to make powdered milk. But not just any powered milk, a drinkable 1-2% powdered milk. Because I really can’t live with out a cold glass of milk every now and again, I tried all the powered milk mixtures found in Jamaica and experimented with mixing them together and finally found a nice, smooth, not too thick, not too thin, enjoyable milk. This recipe makes a little more than 6 cups.

1 80g bag of Anchor Full Cream Powdered Milk
2 80g bags of Lasco Readi-Milk Skimmed Milk Powder
6 cups of water

Note on the ingredients: I listed the names on the packages above because the combination of these specific labels and brands of powered milk gives me the best results. I do not recommend Lasco Instant Whole Milk Powder (the one in the red bag) because it is by far the worst of the powdered milks and does not dissolve well or Anchor Skim Milk Powder (the one in the white bag), it dissolves ok but is very weak in flavor.

Cut the 3 bags open and dump them into a pitcher (make sure it will hold 6-7 cups of liquid). Pour in 2 cups of water into the powdered milk and vigorously whisk it together, it will be very thick and paste-like. This step helps ensure that there are little to no clumps in the final product.

Once all the mixture is smooth, pour in the final 4 cups of water slowly, mixing continuously.

Once all the water has been incorporated with the milk let it sit for about 5 minutes, this will allow any of the last little powdered milk clumps to settle and start to break apart.

Give it one last stir and cover the pitcher with a lid (plastic wrap or tin foil would probably work if you don’t have a lid) and refrigerate.


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