Welcome to the PCJ Cook Shop!

Wa gwaan fellow PCVs, PCTs and RPCVs!
We have created this blog because there is a common desire among the past and present PCV groups in Jamaica to share recipes.  Well, not just any recipe, but ones we have created to suite our PCV budget and taste buds. PCJ Cook Shop makes sharing among Peace Corps Volunteers easy and efficient. You will find Jamaican recipes, American recipes, Jamerican recipes and more. The only thing we ask is that the recipes use ingredients that can be found on the island and are reasonably priced. If you are a RPCV and make something back in the states, just be conscious of this for all of us still in Jamaica.

It’s a Piece of Cake!
PCJ Cook Shop is simple. To search for specific recipes, just browse the recipes by category: Main Dishes, Vegetarian, Sides, Desserts, to name a few. This list of categories will continue to grow as we add more recipes. Just take a look around!

Share Unu Favorite Recipes
Submit your recipes to the Cook Shop so other PCVs can give ‘em a try. A good photo is helpful but not required. Click here for instructions on how to post a new recipe.  As you try out recipes on PCV Cook Shop, be sure to come back and leave a comment or suggestion; it helps other folks who will read the recipe in the future. This is your Cook Shop! New site functionality will be added all the time. As always, let us know anytime you see something that could use tweaking. We want this to work for everyone.

How to Participate?
1. Use the website – Search for and use any of the recipes you find on this site.
2. Share comments – Share with us what you thought of recipes. What did you add? Any suggestions? (all comments must be tasteful – yes, pun intended).
3. Become a contributor – Learn about the basic guidelines and how to post here.

We want YOU to share recipes with us. To do this email one of us using the contact information below and we will make you a contributor.

Questions? Want to Contribute? Anything Else?

Josh W(86)